The total potato production in India is about 42 million tons but the productivity is almost stagnant. This is not a good sign for a country like India with a growing population. In inflationary economy, this is an early sign that potato prices for consumer will become a serious socio-political issue in coming days.

    The chance of enhancing area under potato cultivation is neither possible nor advisable due to competition from other crops and other land uses. The available seeds used for potato cultivation is also losing vigor.

    If we compare potato productivity with other leading potato producing countries in the world, this indicates that the average productivity has the potential to become double with proper use of seed and production technology.

     Considering the 1.25 billion population size of Indian market, with 42 million tons of potatoes to handle where labour, energy and space are becoming expensive, potatoes value chain needs interventions at all levels from seed to waste management.

    This offers huge business opportunity for all those, who are willing to customize the products and services to meet the expectation of this fastest growing processed potato market in the world.

    The biggest challenge for any new player is to understand the needs of the farmers, traders, processors and customers. Indian market has always rewarded those companies which have made efforts to customize the products and services to meet the expectations of stakeholders.

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